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Ships Bell

1/2 to 3/4 of the ships main bell, in 3 pieces.


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Bronze HMS Winchester Ships Bell # FO-0001


We strongly prefer to keep the major pieces of this collection together, but realize that may not be possible. If you are interested in other pieces please see our other auction for the main collection.  If this bell sells alone, we will either remove the main collection auction, or adjust the price without it. If you purchase this bell, we will provide access to additional pieces at a discount.

Very few people have a chance to own a piece of history  like this.   This shipwreck is special.  Being salvaged in the 1950's  and stored  all of these years brings us back to a time when most people  only cared  about gold and silver, but one man knew the value of history and we benefit from  that today. 

The HMS Winchester

The 944 ton, 4th Rate 60 gun British man-of-war Winchester was built in 1693 at  Bursledon by William  Wyatt. She was 121 feet long, and she had a 38 foot   beam. The Winchester was originally commissioned in 1693  under the command  of Captain Edward Bibb. While en route  from Jamaica to England, a plaque  on board quickly  spread throughout her crew, rendering them unable to   perform their duties. Her Captain, who was also sick,  was put ashore in  Jamaica. The Winchester's command was  turned over to Captain John Soule.  After leaving Port  Royal, the crew continued to drop like flies from the   scurvy. One report lists only eight able bodied seamen  still standing when  she was sailed onto a reef on  September 24, 1695. A few of her crew  including Captain  Soule were transferred to another vessel. Captain Soule   died later, and unfortunately almost all 400 of her crew were lost.


Your purchase is a responsibility to care for this item and share its story.   In the days of cell phones and electronics it is remarkable that an artifact  like this still captures the interest of almost  everyone, especially  children.  This is the coolest thing you could ever do  with your  kids, and we have plenty of other items available only to current owners of  artifacts from this wreck!  You can become an owner of this  important  history right now!

This artifact is registered at to be sure the history,  and value, is never lost. In addition a Certificate of Authenticity accompanies  each piece.





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